Pham Thi Thu Giang*

Nguyen Mai Hạnh**

  1. Research data and research methodology:

We recorded 20 participants (called CTVs) including Laotian and Cambodian students who already finished first year course (intermediate level) in the Military Technical Academy. They were divied by their teachers into three main groups, which can be listed as “Good” (CTV1), “Medium” (CTV2) and “Poor” (CTV3).

“Audacity” software is used as a recording tool and is set up in the computer with the default value of 22, 050Hz, 16 bit and file format “.wave”. CTVs’ recording files are then seperated into 2,360 small files and divided into 20 folders.


*     M.A., Military Technical Academy

**   M.A., 123Vietnamese Center

Nghiên cứu lỗi phát âm hệ thống thanh điệu tiếng Việt của học viên Lào, Campuchia trên phần mềm ngữ âm praat


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