In beginning of December 2011, a delegation of auditors from ASEAN University Network (AUN) came to VNS to work on the verification of its Program of Bachelor of Vietnamese Studies in accordance with the requirement of the standard details of the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA).

VNS program of Bachelor of Vietnamese Studies were assessed under 15 criteria such as Output standard, Program description, Content and Structure of the program, Teaching and learning project, Assessment on students, Quality of lecturers, Quality of students, Consult and Support students, Education equipment, Feedback from related sides, Output, Satisfaction of related sides and so on. After auditing, the Quality Assurance Committee concluded VNS program of Bachelor of Vietnamese Studies successfully completed the AUN Actual Quality Assessment at program level.

So far, there were 6 academy programs of Ho Chi Minh National University have met AUN – QA standard.

VNS program of Bachelor of Vietnamese Studies is the first program of USSH meets AUN- QA standard. This result not only showed education quality of Vietnamese Studies of USSH but also made good conditions for transitional education with AUN member universities.