The acute pneumonia influenza epidemic caused by Corona virus is becoming very dangerous. On February 1, 2020, the Prime Minister signed a decision to announce the Corona flu epidemic in Vietnam. University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU-HCM has taken timely measures to deal with the situation. It is more complicated to deal with the Corona flu epidemic at the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies because this is a place with a large number of foreign students and learners, Therefore, Faculty of Vietnamese Studies now announce some measures to prevent the spread of the Corona flu epidemic as followed:

A. For full-time students, joint-program students, graduate students and short-term courses’ learners:

  1. 100% wear a facemask when going to school, wash hands often with soap / antiseptic properly;
  2. For students of the Southwest University of Political Science & Law (China), students and learners who has gone to China on the Tet holiday (Lunar New Year), the school admission will be backdated 01 month, going back to school on March 2, 2020;
  3. Full-time students, graduate students, learners in short-term Vietnamese courses will postpone the registration/ study date for 01 week, (Start to register / learn again on Monday, February 10, 2020) so that learners and the Faculty have enough time to perform some necessary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona flu epidemic;
  4. Students, learners who have a cough and/ or fever, contact the School Health Station (Ms. Phạm Thị Thu Hương, Phone No.: 0909365648).

B. For lecturers and staff of the Faculty:

  1. 100% wear a facemask when going to school, wash hands often with soap / antiseptic properly;
  2. Conducting statistics on the number of Chinese students studying at the Faculty so that lecturers and student affair staff can monitor the health situation;
  3. In case lecturers and/ or staff of the Faculty detect any student/ learner with a fever/ cough, suggest that student/ learner measure his/ her body temperature and rest at home for 14 days, or guide to the School Health Station (phone number above). That student/ learner will be only re-admitted to school upon receipt of a certificate of non-corona flu affected from an authorized functional health facility.

C. For Faculty of Vietnamese Studies

  1. Carry out the installation of glass panel in front of the reception desk to ensure the safety of the staff and students/ learners coming for contact;
  2. Prepare face masks to provide students, learners to coming for contact without wearing a face mask;
  3. Place soap / antiseptic hand sanitizer at all the toilets in the area of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies;
  4. Closely monitor the situation and announcements of the University on the Corona flu epidemic for timely precautions;
  5. Send notification of Corona flu epidemic to students and learners via email / phone and through the Faculty website:



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lê Giang